RWC is Affordable. 

If you’re contemplating a move to RWC, you’ll want to know what’s involved and what your costs will be. Like most continuing care communities, RWC has a one-time entrance fee and a monthly fee that covers all routine expenses such as home maintenance inside and out, and most utilities. 

The best way to start is by scheduling a visit to see the many living options available to you and experience first-hand the vibrant community to which you’ll be moving. Once you’ve decided you want to live at RWC, you’ll complete a Residence Agreement and make a $1,000 deposit. Your deposit will be applied to your entrance fee when you move in or refunded if you choose not to relocate to RWC.

Next, you’ll meet with representatives at RWC and complete an application. At that time, you’ll have the chance to settle on the type of residence that best suits you (home, cottage, or apartment) and select from among several choices the entrance fee that best suits your personal situation. 

Your entrance fee is a one-time payment that can guarantee the kind of health care you want to have should your needs change. Our four plans allow you to choose a payment based upon your priorities for living, your philosophy regarding the use of your assets, your objectives in estate preservation and your expected long-term health care needs. Entrance fees can range from $128,000 to $640,000. Fees for a second person in the same dwelling range from $50,000 to $65,000. The entrance fee represents your life-care contract (not equity in your residence). Under some options you may receive a refund of a portion of this fee during your first years at RWC. 

Monthly fees range from $3,000 to $5,600. The second person fee is $1,500. A portion of both your entrance fee and your monthly fee is deductible on your federal taxes as a medical expense. 

Although we’ve outlined some typical fees, we want you to know that we’ll meet with you individually to determine the payment plan most appropriate for you.

When the residence you’ve chosen is available and you’re ready to relocate to RWC, we’ll ask for a 10 percent deposit of your entrance fee and assist you with your move.

If you’re thinking about RWC but aren’t ready to commit, consider joining the Rappahannock Club. For a one-time deposit of $1,000 you’ll receive regular information about what’s happening at RWC and be invited to some of our events. If you choose to move to RWC, the deposit will be applied to your entrance fee. If you decide not to move in, you’ll receive a refund.

Please note that all fees are subject to change. For more information, to get our most current fee structure, or to discuss your choices, contact RWC’s Marketing Department at 804-438-4000800-792-1444 or by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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