Living in the Northern Neck

Rappahannock Westminster-Canterbury is located at the southern edge of a region described by many as America’s hidden gem. The Northern Neck of Virginia, a peninsula situated between the Rappahannock and Potomac Rivers and touching the western edge of the Chesapeake Bay, is the birthplace of three of the first five American presidents. It has maintained its rural character and still boasts small-town charm and traditional country values. 

Hundreds of miles of shoreline along rivers, creeks, and the magnificent Chesapeake Bay make the Northern Neck ideal for boaters, kayakers, and sightseers who want to catch a glimpse of wildfowl (or an occasional dolphin). The region has long been home to farmers and watermen, and their traditions are evident almost everywhere you go. Farmers markets feature local seafood and produce, along with crafts that make ideal gifts for friends and family. You’ll find golf courses, walking trails, shooting ranges, museums, county fairs, and celebrations that commemorate the history and traditions of the Northern Neck and America.

Whether your neighbors in the Northern Neck are “born heres” or “come heres” who have relocated to the area, you’ll find that they share a spirit of volunteerism and optimism that is heartwarming and contagious. Many are active in their churches and in civic organizations. Libraries, theaters, and fine arts groups provide a surprisingly diverse and sophisticated cultural life. Locally owned businesses offer an array of goods and services that make it easy to shop close to home.

Rappahannock Westminster-Canterbury residents play important roles in the local community, serving as volunteers and supporting a host of activities through gifts of time, talent, and treasure. RWC is an integral part of this community, serving as a meeting place for several civic and nonprofit organizations and holding numerous events such as the annual Viewpoints series, which brings national and local figures of note to the campus for lecture/discussion sessions each spring. 

When you move to Rappahannock Westminster-Canterbury, you will be joining a vibrant community that will enrich your life in ways you can only begin to imagine.

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